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The Gryphon Mikado CD Player 24bit/192kz Made in Denmark

The Gryphon Mikado CD Player 24bit/192kz Made in Denmark
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135.000.000 VNĐ


[size=14.6667px]The Gryphon Mikado CD Player 24bit/192kz Made in Denmark full thùng xốp sách đẹp lung linh không tì vết, máy zin nguyên bản, mắt cực nhạy không kén đĩa, Âm thanh tuyệt vời.

[size=14.6667px]thông số kỹ thuật:

  • Four Dual-Differential 24 bit/96 kHz AKM Digital-to-Analog Converters with separate regulated power supplies
    Modular digital audio sections for possible future upgrades
  • Two custom-built, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators with better than 5 parts per million accuracy
  • Modified Philips CD-Pro 2 transport with all-metal chassis
  • True class A, fully discrete analog circuits with no negative feedback
    First-order analog filter with silvered Mica capacitor
  • +/- 20 VDC regulated voltage supplies for best THD and noise suppression in analog sections
    Four separate custom-built toroidal transformers for digital and analog sections
  • Completely isolated power supplies for digital section and transport/display
  • 15,000 microFarad power capacitor banks per channel
    True Dual Mono Configuration
  • Ultra-short signal path with minimal Internal wiring
  • Four-layer printed circuit board with silver surface for optimal signal transfer
  • Balanced analog outputs with PCB-mounted gold-plated Swiss Neutrik XLR sockets.
  • Single-ended analog outputs with custom-made PCB-mounted gold-plated phono sockets
  • Balanced 110Ohm AES/EBU and 75Ohm S/PDIF digital outputs
  • Fully remote controlled operation
  • Designed and built in Denmark
  • Contact: Gryphon Audio Designs
    Industrivej 9
    8680 Ry
    Price $12000
  • Website: [color=rgb(57, 89, 146) !important]www.gryphon-audio.dk
[size=14.6667px]link tham khảo:
[size=14.6667px][color=rgb(57, 89, 146) !important]http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/gryphon-mikado-cd-player/
[size=14.6667px][color=rgb(57, 89, 146) !important]http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/gryphon-mikado-cd-player/?page=4
[size=14.6667px][color=rgb(57, 89, 146) !important]http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/gryphon-mikado-cd-player-1/
[size=14.6667px][color=rgb(57, 89, 146) !important]http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/the-gryphon-mikado-cd-player
[size=14.6667px]Giá: 135tr

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