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Gryphon Antileon pure Class A dual-mono power amplifier

Gryphon Antileon pure Class A dual-mono power amplifier
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170.000.000 VNĐ


Gryphon Antileon pure Class A dual-mono power amplifier màu black đẹp lung linh ko tì vết , máy zin nguyên bản hoạt động hoàn hảo, máy hoạt động chế độ pure class A 100w/8ohm, 200w/4ohm, 400w/2ohm nên có thể thổi bay những cặp loa cứng đầu nhất, Âm Thanh tuyệt hay.

Thông số kỹ thuật:

*Fully balanced circuit. Fully discrete, pure-class-A, dual-mono, fully balanced circuitry. The dual-mono aspect of the design of each component is taken to the practical extreme -- there are two detachable power cords and two power switches.
*2 x 100w/8ohm, 200w/4ohm, 400w/2ohm per channel Pure Class A
*custom-designed 1500W transformers that are potted in epoxy and mounted inside their own shielded compartment.
*40 High current bipolar output transistors
* twin-tiered banks power capacitors totaling 440,000 uF . Massive power reserves are ready and waiting -- up to 5000Wpc of peak power into a half-ohm load should you need it.
*Flat frequency response to beyond 350 kHz
*Minimum negative feedback.  "zero global feedback,"
*No output relays
*User-programmable Green Class A bias.  This feature adjusts the amplifier bias in relation to the preamplifier’s volume control. You simply have the amount of class-A power on tap that you might need.
*Balanced inputs only, but you can use high-quality RCA-to-XLR adapters.
*Two sets of rugged gold-plated binding posts of Gryphon’s own design are provided for biwiring.
*DC servo coupling
*Frequency-independent damping factor
*Rigid mechanical structure…."a word about the build quality: outstanding", Jeff Fritz
*Micro processor controlled ,non-invasive “smart” protection system
*Upgradeable software.
*Double sealed, mil spec PCB with 105 mu copper trace
*Internal wiring is kept to an absolute minimum in both units, and where it is needed Gryphon’s own Guideline Reference gold-embedded silver wire is used.
*Self-diagnostics - If you’d like for the amplifier to run a series of diagnostics to ensure proper operation, simply press the Check button on the front panel; once the test cycle is complete, OK indicators on the faceplate will illuminate for each channel
*AC Power status and AC Polarity display
*Integrated service log.
*Width 580, Height 265, Depth 610, 100 KG

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