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Burmester 082 Integrated Amplifier 082 Made in Germany

Burmester 082 Integrated Amplifier 082 Made in Germany
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119.000.000 VNĐ


Burmester 082 Integrated Amplifier 082 Made in Germany, nguyên thùng xốp sách đẹp nung ninh như mới, máy zin nguyên bản hoạt động hoàn hảo, Âm thanh tuyệt vời. Giá nay còn e bán cực rẹ, ace nào có nhu cầu thì alo nhé!

Thông số kỹ thuật:

• Balanced circuitry throughout like all Burmester components
• Input stages in Class A design
• Completely DC-coupled signal path without distorting capacitors
• Oversized power supply delivers high current
• High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the full
frequency range, even at high frequencies
• Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
• Massive binding posts for speaker cables (best performance with spade lugs!)
• Remote on/off: The 082 can be switched on/off or can be used to switch other components by a 10V DC trigger current.
• A built-in protective circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 082 during operation with regard to overheating, DC offset and overloading.
• 5 inputs of which three are balanced, plus 1balanced Thruput (pass-through)
• Tone controls (can be switched off)
• Adjustable pre-sets: Input sensitivity, output level, wake-up volume
• Pre-amp output
Rated power output: 2 x 150 W (4Ω) / 2 x 100 W (8Ω)
Damping factor: >1000
Signal-to-noise ratio: >96 dB
Input sensitivity: adjustable (-9 to 0 to +9)
Frequency response: 3-100kHz (-3dB, band-limited)
Rise time: 23V/μs at 4 Ω
Analogue Inputs: 4 x balanced (CD, Tuner, AUX, Surround), 2 x unbalanced (AUX2, TAPE)
Analogue Outputs: 1 x balanced (Preamp OUT), 2 x unbalanced (Preamp OUT), 2 x Loudspeaker Output
Remote In/Out: for remote switching of other BURMESTER components
BURLINK: for remote control via RS-232 and USB
Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 177 x 490 mm
Weight: 25 kg

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